What is the Future of GIS Careers?

The job of a GIS technician continues to evolve over time, so it’s important to understand more about the industry and how to gain entry into a progressive position in the field. In this latest post, we’ll present a guide to the future of GIS careers and offer tips on enhancing job prospects.

A green-technology career

One of the reasons that careers within the GIS industry are becoming more lucrative is that many jobs within the industry involve green technology. With the investments in green technology in recent years, GIS technicians are now able to find jobs that offer both high compensation and the chance to make a difference in the local community. GIS technicians are integral in conservation efforts, providing data that aids in key decisions regarding wildlife, the Earth’s natural resources, renewable energy, and mapping wilderness areas, just to name a few things.

Device and mapping data evolving

The way in which we use handheld devices and the growth of mapping systems has helped the GIS industry grow rapidly in recent years. Now thousands are turning to technicians for a greater understanding of geospatial concepts to help build data on local areas. From the health and energy sectors to local and federal government agencies, many have come to rely on GIS technicians to provide data that is integral in making key decisions and policy plans.

Real-time analysis

With the increased numbers of tools, GIS teams are now better able to complete real-time analysis and resolve complex geospatial challenges that have confounded experts for many years. Experienced technicians are often employed as analysts to determine the sequence of operations needed to solve complex issues, such as the best location to build a new housing development or install wind turbines. Many also become GIS specialists who manage all the necessary GIS operations for an enterprise or governmental agency.

Tips for job hunting

In choosing GIS careers, it’s important that you take the time to understand how to maximize your potential value to the organization. Consider these tips for success:

  • Assess skillset
  • Go out into the world and meet people face-to-face
  • Research answers to technical GIS questions before interviews
  • Join GIS community groups for opportunities
  • Always research potential employers prior to interviews
  • Consider a GISP (Geographic Information Systems Professional) certification
  • Scan multiple boards regularly for postings
  • Apply to as many postings as possible to gain interview experience

Working with a qualified specialist for GIS technician jobs can help you to land your ideal position. Our team at GeoSearch has significant experience in this area of the recruitment marketplace. To learn more about our services, call us today.