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The trusted team at GeoSearch has decades of experience locating qualified candidates for land surveyor jobs. Our understanding on the industry and our commitment to a streamlined working process means we can help you to consolidate the cost of finding candidates. Our team is known throughout the industry for our work, and we were one of the first in the industry to introduce an online job board for land surveyors.We work with Employers and Job Seekers


We work with companies to fill jobs associated with aerial surveying and mapping. Our recruiting team assists employers with reduced time to find quality candidates, reduce the cost of employee acquisition an candidate screening.

We offer Ad Postings, Full Service Search and Temporary Staffing. You can also call us or fill out our Contact Form.

Job Seekers:

We work with individuals searching for a career or new job in aerial surveying and mapping. We are hired by employers to fill their current openings.

The first step is to Search Jobs or Register as a Job Seeker.  You can also email us a resume so we can contact you when a position looks like a potential fit.

Turn To GeoSearch Recruiting For:

Fast, Effective Talent Searches

When you work with experts at GeoSearch we can help you to reduce the amount of time it takes to find qualified candidates for your position. We know the skills and the qualities required for work within this emerging field, and we can use this knowledge to help you find the most qualified candidate. Our knowledge in the industry also means we can reduce the cost of talent acquisition and support your growing team’s objectives.

Comprehensive Screening

Here at GeoSearch, we do all the work for you in filling land surveyor jobs. This means we screen the candidates and ensure that only those most qualified for the position are chosen for a role within your company. One of the reasons so many companies now work with GeoSearch is that we can review a candidate’s qualifications directly and analyze their work history. This review work is instrumental in finding the best candidate for our clientele.

Exceptional ROI

We’ve proven our ability to provide a high-level ROI to clients across the marketplace. Our surveyor recruitment work helps companies and candidates connect. We know the candidate on an individual basis and can effectively determine which person is the most suited to a role within the surveying industry. This understanding means we deliver a proven ROI to our clientele.

To discover more about your surveyor recruitment options, speak with us today. Qualified specialists are standing by to answer your questions.

Book a Consultation with the Leaders for Land Surveying Recruitment

Our team at GeoSearch is recognized market-wide for our ability to recruit the most qualified, experienced candidates for roles in the geospatial marketplace. One of the primary reasons so many companies now turn to our team for land surveyor recruitment services is that we can provide guidance on recruitment strategies while also offering access to the best candidates. Our experience also means we can reduce the amount of time it takes to introduce new surveyors to your working team.

Affordable Recruitment Options

We can help both simplify an streamline the recruitment of a surveyor for your team by beginning the search with a network of over 10,000 candidates. Our candidates are among the best and brightest within the industry an have proven their understanding over many years of past market experience.

Background Search Expertise

Each of the candidates within our network has been through rigorous background testing. This ensures that they arr the most qualified for the position. We work with the leading background testing tools to ensure we have access to the information required. We then review candidates individually to determine which offers the best fit for you as a GIS employer. This means that you can focus on your day-to-day duties while we find that ideal candidate for your team.

Proven Performance

Our team at GeoSearch Inc., is here to get you started today. Call us now for more information on the services we provide.

Our understanding of the Geospatial marketplace is second-to-none, an this is highlighted by the fact that our candidates are immensely successful in their new roles. We have proven our ability to find qualified candidates with thousands of successful appointment over our decades in the industry.

Turn to our team at Geosearch Inc . for expert guidance on your recruitment needs. To discover more about the company an our work in the industry.