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Geographic Information Systems – GIS careers offer you the opportunity to explore the world and to make a difference. You’ll receive a highly competitive salary and there are significant job growth prospects within the industry. It’s why thousands of candidates are now choosing GIS careers for their future. GeoSearch is the trusted GIS recruiting company specialist for access to GIS technician jobs and other positions in the industry. Our experience has formed the foundation to thousands of successful careers.


We work with companies to fill jobs associated with aerial surveying and mapping. Our recruiting team assists employers with reduced time to find quality candidates, reduce the cost of employee acquisition an candidate screening.

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We work with individuals searching for a career or new job in aerial surveying and mapping. We are hired by employers to fill their current openings.

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Quality Job Prospects

For candidates, we offer access to high quality job prospects that ensure their career goals are met with highly engaging positions in the field. We specialize in jobs for GIS software developers, GIS technicians an GIS specialists. Our experience in the industry means that many of the leading companies in the GIS careers market entrust us when we recommend a candidate for the position. It’s important for candidates to contact us as soon as possible to begin their job search.

Comprehensive Screening

If you’re a business leader ​searching for quality candidates for a technician position in your team, GeoSearch can help provide the ideal person for the role. We have over 20,000 professionals in our database and when you post an ad with us, that ad is immediately sent to targeted candidates with the relevant experience and expertise. This means that you only connect with those ready to take on your position immediately. It’s the level of service only the top recruitment companies can provide.

Recognized Results

GeoSearch was one of the first job sites in the geospatial marketplace, having been registered as a company over 20 years ago. This means that many of the leading firms recognize our services for the quality and understanding within the industry that we can provide. When you work with GeoSearch for your talent search, you’re partnering with a market leader.

Our team at GeoSearch is here to get you started today. Contact us now for more information on the services we provide.

Book A Consultation With GeoSearch For GIS Job Recruitment

GeoSearch Inc. is recognized in the Geospatial industry for our ability to recruit the most qualified, experienced candidates for the wide variety of GIS jobs. A primary reason that so many employers turn to our team for GIS recruiting services is that we can provide guidance on recruitment strategies while also offering access to the best candidates. Our experience also means we can reduce the amount of time it takes to introduce new GIS employees to your working team.

Markets That Employ For GIS Careers

GIS Job Opportunities

GIS Technician

GIS Technicians work with data scientists and other Geographic Information Systems professionals in the building, maintaining and use of GIS databases and programs.

GIS Analyst

GIS Analysts are the main point of data, programming and cartography. Geographic Information Systems Analysts typical duties are spatial data analyzing with software and digital mapping design.

GIS Developer

​GIS developers are software team members that develop tools and programs to support land and aerial imagery applications in the Geographic Information Systems industry.

GIS Software Integration

Helps customers implement GIS software and create meaningful workflows.

GIS Manager

Manages the GIS system within an organization. This job requires you to have project management, organizational, leadership, communication and problem solving skills.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist that work in the Geographic Information Systems industry are used to collect, analyze and translate all the data received so thy can relay their results to their team.