Tips for Finding Entry-Level GIS Jobs

It can be difficult for many recent graduates to find entry-level GIS jobs in the first few months of searching. The industry can appear tough to break into and it may seem as if job opportunities are few and far between. But by working with experts and temporary staffing services, you can find your ideal role. Our team at GeoSearch has significant experience in the industry and in this latest post, we’re highlighting some of our tips for finding entry-level GIS jobs.

Research local community groups

One of the best ways to make connections within the geospatial science industry is to research local community groups. Make connections with community leaders and ensure that you are recognized at local events related to geographic sciences in your area. This will give you the foundation to explore more opportunities as they arise locally.

Consider Obtaining GIS Certification

To expand your job opportunities, obtaining certifications is one way to increase your chances of being hired. Obtaining a Geographic Information Systems Professional certificate will illustrate to potential employers that you’ve received a high level of training and are aware of industry software and best practices. You can also enroll in an ESRI certification course, which will demonstrate your proficiency in Arc GIS software, the most commonly used in the industry.

Book many interviews

When searching for entry-level jobs within the GIS field, it’s important to schedule as many interviews as possible. Make sure you send your resume to all the leading companies in the region and ask them about what you can do to improve your chances of working in the field. When chosen for an interview, do your best to ensure you can attend the interview appointment, even if you have to travel a distance to access the company.

Explore Every Opportunity

There is a multitude of avenues to explore when searching for an entry-level GIS technician job, one being volunteerism. Agencies like GIS Corp. and the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association coordinate short-term GIS projects. You could find yourself doing everything from improving health and education in undeveloped countries to aiding community development. Although you may not be getting paid, obtaining a competitive internship or volunteer job looks great on your resume and offers valuable, hands-on experience.

Work with temporary staffing services

If you’re struggling for answers to your job search challenges, make sure you book an appointment with a temporary staffing services company. As a staffing company in the GIS industry, we help you review your resume and spruce it up for high visibility in the industry. We can also help you make connections to leaders in the GIS field, which can result in opportunities for you within a short timeframe.

Our experienced recruiting team can help provide you with information for your GIS job search. To discover more about our company and our experience in the industry, call us today!