A Guide to the Role of Land Surveyor from Industry Experts

Our team at GeoSearch has significant experience in recruiting for land surveyor jobs and within this latest post, we’ll present a guide to the role of a land surveyor. We’ve collected some of the most common services they perform to give you a clear idea of their role and how they can benefit you.

A survey is required to determine lot lines

As part of a construction project, a contractor often will hire a land surveyor to conduct a survey of the land and review the plot lines. This can help to prevent legal challenges in the future for the contractor and ensure that all elements of the area have been considered before construction.

Land surveyors collect important geographic data.

Hiring a land surveyor is especially useful for those who want to build on their property or perform major renovations. Using imaging software and satellite data, land surveyors can determine features such as tree density and other specific geographic qualities. This information is then compiled to create digital map government agencies and businesses can use to plan the construction of homes, roads, landfills, and other municipal projects.

Surveyors can highlight utility easements.

One major issue that often arises during construction work is that teams discover the presence of piping and cabling infrastructure on the property. This can delay construction significantly. However, working with a land surveyor in these types of jobs can ensure that utility easements are highlighted before work begins, so problems can be avoided and contractors can minimize time and expenses.

Researching existing boundary lines.

If a parcel of land is especially old, or two property owners are unsure of where one piece of land ends and another begins, land surveyors are often hired to research the precise boundaries. They can determine such details by looking at information stored and maintained by your municipal government. This way, those building, selling their property, or performing any major landscaping projects will know beyond the shadow of a doubt where their boundaries lie.

Surveyors can help minimize waste.

Surveyors are often required to help minimize construction waste. They can ensure that teams only work on a property that is owned by the client and that any materials are used according to the survey guidelines.

Work with a qualified recruiter to find land surveyor jobs.

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