6 Land Surveyor Jobs for Your Development Plan

Your team needs to plan for every contingency when you are creating a comprehensive development blueprint. The best way to create a successful development project is to make sure you are thorough in your preparation.  Make sure you perform all the necessary surveys so you don’t have any unwelcome surprises later in the project.  There are a wide variety of land surveyor jobs that need to be performed when structuring a development plan, which GeoSearch Inc. has included for your benefit below.

1. Topographic Surveys
You’ll need to hire a land surveyor to perform any type of topographic data collection necessary for your development planning. This survey pinpoints specific geographic features, such as tree lines, existing bodies of water, drastic changes in elevation, and similar characteristics.

2. Boundary Assessments
Boundary assessments are one of the most important land surveyor jobs.  Nearly every project begins with this type of survey which enables you to determine the specific dimensions of your development project and identify boundaries between existing parcels of land so there’s no confusion once work begins.

3. Construction Surveys 
You’ll need to hire a land surveying team to perform a construction survey when you are developing precise plans and measurements for your project. This will make the site preparation and building portion of your development project more efficient and help reduce errors once construction begins.

4. Site Planning 
You need to make certain that the area where a large-scale development project is located is properly prepared when you are embarking upon a project of this type. This makes site planning a common land surveyor job. They use boundary and topographic details to identify the best places for building new units and creating commercial lots and other structures.

5. Location Survey 
All building projects require the proper zoning permissions and building permits. To obtain such necessities, a location survey will first need to be performed to identify existing boundaries and areas where previous improvements have been made.

6. Comprehensive Land Assessment 
This type of land survey is for when you need to know literally every aspect of a particular parcel of land. Therefore, it incorporates all of the land surveyor jobs mentioned above. This survey type is most frequently used for commercial purposes and lending agreements.

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