Why Quantity Surveyor Recruitment Is A Challenging Task

Recruitment companies, client construction companies, and consultancies often ask why Quantity Surveyor recruitment is challenging. Quality Surveyors aren’t impossible to recruit, of course, but many believe there is not enough supply to meet the growing demand. It’s important to understand why this perception exists though and, to do that, one must lay the blame at the abolishment of apprenticeships in the 1980’s along with the withdrawal of professional examinations in favor of graduate or degree entry. The 1990’s recession also did a certain amount of damage, coupled with the rising number of Quantity Surveyors retiring early. Given these conditions, things still aren’t as grim as they are made out to be, and this post explains why.

How things have changed
There are more courses now offered by colleges and universities, but gaining adequate experience takes time. Expectations of high remuneration also affect surveyor recruitment, and the procurement of projects has also changed significantly. More Quantity Surveyors have now been required at the tender as well as the post-contract stage to settle potential disputes about the scope of work. They are also being asked to do more in terms of financial and project management, which only makes the task of surveyor recruitment more challenging.

Is there an easy fix?
There is no easy fix to the shortage and Employer higher demand for competent Quantity Surveyors, and throwing money at the problem only creates a vicious circle. Placing more advertisements isn’t a solution either, nor is a reduction of dependence on Quantity Surveyors. The solution lies in understanding what you need in terms of commercial support, thinking out of the box, offering adequate support for graduating Quantity Surveyors, and keeping existing staff up to date by investing in training and software. Finally, it is important to turn to a specialist recruiter, because they alone understand the roles and nuances involved in surveyor recruitment.

Survey Recruitment Experts
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