Why Consider a GIS Career?

Are you unsure about what industry to join after completing your education or job training? Perhaps you are looking for a career change and have heard positive things about the geospatial field. As one of today’s fastest-growing job sectors, GeoSearch Inc. has helped hundreds embark upon an exciting new path with a GIS career.

Here you’ll find some of the things that make a GIS career so attractive.

Strong Job Prospects

One of the most attractive aspects of a geospatial career is that it is a fast-growing field. As more survey information and data need to be digitized, there is a greater call for GIS professionals of all levels. The development of new technology, such as Google Maps and similar platforms, has caused some to speculate that over the next decade the geospatial industry will grow by nearly 20%.

Additionally, we have noticed an extreme shortage of young surveyors coming into the field. The number of retiring survey professionals is increasing profoundly, which means a surplus of positions that aren’t being filled. We encourage anyone who loves to work outdoors with new technology to consider looking into a career as a surveyor.

A Variety of Work

With a GIS career, there are a variety of industries you can join. Job seekers in this growing profession can find opportunities in the agricultural industry, real estate, economic development, environmental science, government agencies, aerospace, engineering, and public health programs. There are endless possibilities!

Related professions include GIS technicians, GIS specialists, software developers, sales, marketing, business development, surveyors, LiDAR technicians, photogrammetrists, project/program managers, pilots, etc.

Salary expectations

For entry-level GIS careers, you can expect to start at a minimum of $40,000 per year. Mid-level geospatial careers can offer as much as $60,000 annually. Senior jobs, such as CAD engineers, GIS project managers, and programmers can make $70-80,000 or more each year.

GeoSearch Inc. can find you a GIS career in your desired industry!
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