What GIS Job Seekers Need to Know in 2019

Are you searching for GIS jobs in Portland or some other city in the U.S? There are quite a few changes job seekers are going to have to manage in the coming years, so it can be helpful to collect a few tips before lining up those interviews. As one of the nations leading geospatial staffing agencies, GeoSearch, Inc. is a recruiting firm that specializes in geospatial technologies. We keep our thumb on the pulse of the job market and have compiled some tips for you.

Here are some things job seekers should be aware of in 2019.

One-Page Resume Rule is Out

You want to be able to fully list all of your experience and accomplishments within your resume so that online tracking systems, recruiters, and hiring managers can accurately evaluate your resume. Sometimes your resume needs to be more than one page. Don’t try to squeeze it all in by cutting skills and reducing the font size, leave those accolades alone: they could be what makes you stand out.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Virtual

Many geospatial employers are extremely busy, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to do a virtual interview before meeting face-to-face. Taking a cue from the innovative technology being developed for mapping and data collection nowadays, many industries are moving toward video interviews and responses to allow candidates to showcase their skills.

Internships Offer a Great Foot in the Door

A great bridge to full-time employment and some of the most attractive GIS jobs in Portland often start with a simple internship. Those in certification programs or studying geospatial mapping in school can connect with employers to gain hands-on experience, while also meeting industry professionals and tracking down leads.

For more great tips and industry insight, visit the GeoSearch, Inc. Youtube channel for a detailed webinar about hiring trends, salaries, and more.

Let GeoSearch, Inc. be your go-to staffing agency in 2019!
Above are just a few of the leading trends job seekers will find in 2019. To learn more about finding GIS jobs in Portland, contact the professionals from GeoSearch, Inc. today.