What Does a Recruiter Do?

Recruiters are hired by companies to help them source, screen and send them qualified talent. Although we do help job seekers in their job hunting process at times, that is not our main function. Our main goal is to fill the positions we are assigned.

Why do companies hire recruiters?

Some of the most common reasons companies hire recruiters are:

  • Confidentiality. A company is seeking to hire someone and doesn’t want their company name exposed during the search. This can be because they are looking at hiring from a competitor or sometimes even a client or they are replacing an internal staff member.
  • A round peg for a round hole. The company needs someone with the exact experience specified to us.
  • Volume. They need to hire a lot of people all at once.
  • Speed. They need to hire someone right away.


How can job seekers use a company like GeoSearch, Inc. to find a job?
The best way to get started is to visit our website at www.geosearch.com. There you can register as a job seeker and be notified when we begin to work on new things. If you see something of interest, apply and/or call us to discuss the position in more detail. If you can tell who the company is by the job description, we still encourage you to call us… we have additional information to offer!

What is the benefit for job seekers to use a recruiter?
Access and information. Even if it is obvious what company the position is with, calling us first can give you more background information on the position that you can’t see from the job description. Also, we are often working with higher-level management or the owners of the company rather than HR. Working with us gives you direct access to those people and eliminates some of the screening mechanisms their website or HR department may present.

What input do you receive from the hiring companies that might help job seekers gain insight into what employers want to see in an interview?
Companies need to see specific technical skills in a resume before moving on, but once you are invited to the interview they must have determined you meet those qualifications enough to move forward. At this stage, they are looking at attitude, communication skills, curiosity, and professionalism.
The main feedback I get after a candidate is selected is how much they “liked” that person, or how they could see them as a valuable part of the team. The main feedback I get after someone was not selected was their lack of enthusiasm, inability to communicate their experience as it relates to the opportunity at hand, or negativity about current or past employers.