The 3 Phases of Land Surveyor Jobs

Land surveyor jobs are important for both commercial and residential projects as the Land Surveyor team determines property boundaries and prepares maps and survey plots accordingly. As one of the industry’s leading surveyor recruitment services, we at GeoSearch Inc. know that land surveying is not always easy and can take extensive time and resources, so we’ve collected some additional information for you below.

Here are the stages a thorough land survey job requires:

1. Research
To properly research a parcel of land it can take as little as a few hours to as long as a few days, depending on the size and features. A land surveyor may have to go to several different government agencies to obtain the necessary boundary information. A land surveyor must be extremely concise during the research stage, or else they risk paying costly fees down the road, or even legal recourse for those who have hired them.

2. Fieldwork
Much like the research phase of a land surveyor project, the fieldwork can take anywhere from an hour or two to several days. During this stage, surveyors search for existing boundary markers such as pins, pipes, or stone monuments. Often this stage requires them to also assess the geographical area nearby to collect enough data to develop an accurate portrayal of a parcel of land.

3. Drafting & Computation
After collecting all of the available data for a land surveyor job, the survey team will draft a map representing your parcel of land. They will then compute the specific boundaries and details, comparing their analysis with existing maps created previously. This is to double-check the accuracy of previous boundary assessments and come up with a holistic view that incorporates all of the existing data, as well as any new data recently collected.

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