Setting Your Goals for the New Year

Have you started setting your goals for 2021? With this crazy and unpredictable year coming to an end, I know I’m ready to challenge myself in new and exciting ways!

To begin setting your goals, first look back on your personal and professional accomplishments of 2020 to reflect on what went well. Ask yourself questions like “What new skills did I learn or discover? What did I enjoy doing that I wasn’t expecting? How did I spend my free time?” You may have had more time on your hands to pursue new opportunities. Whether they were hobbies or professional achievements, you probably learned new skills that had an impact on how you want to spend your time in the future.

As you consider your goals for 2021, remember to:

  1. Set specific and measurable goals. Prioritize your list to focus on the most important goals to you. It’s critical to decide where it makes the most sense to invest your time and energy. Have a goals board in your office or a note taped to your bathroom mirror so you can keep your list in a visible place.
  2. Have constant feedback and accountability. Before you set your goals into action, share your ideas with team members, mentors, or leaders who can help to adjust and modify your goals as needed. Once you have your goals finalized, continue to meet with your accountability partners to share your growth and struggles. Accountability is key to staying on track.
  3. Choose goals for each area of your life. Consider applying goals to the following areas of your life: money/finances, career/business, health and fitness, relationships, personal development, contribution/community. Growing in multiple areas will create a balance in your overall growth.

For many of us, 2020 seemed like a blur. We had ambitions for growth over the last 12 months but between the shock, social distancing, and confusion, we moved into survival mode. We have another opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate. Let’s get started on being our best selves and growing within our personal and professional lives!
Some goal suggestions to get started:

  • Create a “breakthrough” goal that will catapult you to a new level financially or professionally
  • Learn a new skill for professional growth or for fun
  • Create a monthly budget
  • Contribute to a cause in your community
  • Create a morning routine to help start your day off right
  • Read 12 books
  • Start a new hobby
  • Eliminate a bad habit
  • Eat healthier
  • Spend less time online
  • Revisit your career goals
  • Start a gratitude journal