Interview Tips for Hiring Managers

The interview process will tell more about your candidate than you can gather from their resume.  It’s your opportunity to determine who will be a good cultural fit within your company and who has the most ambition and drive. In order to have a successful interview with the applicant, you will need to collaborate with your team and deliberately plan ahead to ensure you make this process as thorough as possible. Get the most out of your interview by following these three steps:

  1. Engage in questions that allow you to learn about your candidate’s full potential. These answers can give you great insight into the candidate’s ambition and desire to advance in their career. Use the 80-20 rule so that the applicant speaks 80% of the time during the beginning portion of the interview and then follow up with the remaining 20%. Along with asking your preselected questions, be sure to educate your candidate and be willing to offer advice or direction they might be seeking.  
  2. Look for someone who is the most compatible with others in your department. There are times when you have probably found a candidate that you like, but you’ve realized they may not be the best fit when working with your team. Be mindful of the specific qualities you are looking for when selecting your candidate. Ask your applicant how well they work with others by giving specific examples of personality types on your team. After the interview, make notes of how this could affect your overall team’s success.  
  3. Be aware of your body language. Assessing body language can help you determine your candidate’s level of interest and authenticity. Just as much as you are picking up their nonverbal cues, also be aware of your own. By showing that you are relaxed and composed, you will help your candidate feel more comfortable during their interview. With this added level of ease, they may be willing to divulge more genuine and straightforward answers.


Although these tips may seem fairly rudimentary, many hiring managers easily forget these important building blocks during their interviews. It’s always a good idea to review your agenda before meeting with an applicant to optimize your potential. By being prepared, you have a much greater chance of finding your ideal candidate. Begin your successful interview process by utilizing these tips today!