Highest Ranking Cities for Job Seekers in 2017

Are you looking for something new? A career change, a job opportunity, or starting fresh in a new and exciting location?

A recent study shows that moving South and West is your best bet. The top 25 highest-ranking cities for employment was ranked by job market favorability, salary, work-life balance, and job security & advancement.

Two Florida metro cities topped the list: Miami and Orlando. Their salary percentiles scored quite low, but they both had extremely high rankings in the other three categories. Raleigh, North Carolina came in third on the list, scoring its highest number in the job market favorability category, which was the top score out of all 25 cities. The remaining top ten cities were Austin, Texas; Sacramento, California; San Jose, California; Jacksonville, Florida; San Diego, California; Houston, Texas; and Memphis, Tennessee.

Indeed Senior Vice President Paul D’Arcy said the information shows a trend of people “moving away from cold places looking to live in warm climates.” Unusually absent from the list are manufacturing-heavy cities in the Midwest and large metropolises like New York and Chicago. “Manufacturing jobs have steadily declined over the years and haven’t shown promise for career growth like a generation ago,” D’Arcy said. “Those states are working to diversify their economy to attract workers and keep talent in their state.”

Of course with GeoSearch being a recruitment and hiring firm that specializes in GIS, GPS, Surveying, and Civil Engineering, we see high employment rates in cities that might not be on this list. Since this study is a general overview of all industries, GIS job-related data will show differing information. If you are looking for a position in a city or state that is not included in this list, visit our GIS job board to view our current openings around the country.

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View the entire list of Best Cities for Job Seekers below.