Here Is Everything You Need To Know About A GIS Career

GIS careers are increasingly attractive to all kinds of people who recognize the wide range of services they can be used for. As a rapidly developing technical field, geospatial technologies are used in a variety of fields and in different industries. If you’re interested in a GIS career and the skills required for a successful GIS professional, here are a few things to help you get a better sense of what to expect.

Education And Applications

Like most sectors, GIS careers begin with a solid education that covers everything from cartography and GIS to spatial analysis, database management, web technologies, and programming. There are a lot of GIS certificate courses, but a general-themed course is usually helpful as a starting point. Comprehension of cartographic techniques is especially important along with understanding methods of displaying data and communicating with maps. The next step is learning GIS software applications because these are most often required by employers. Try doing a job search of companies and look at what GIS software they require.

Experience And Job Opportunities

Real-world experience makes a huge difference when it comes to GIS careers, and internships are the most popular method. Using GIS is the only way to be proficient in it, and coursework won’t matter much without practical experience. Looking for a job after your coursework and work experience may involve using job sites and aiming for positions that meet your education and experience level. Companies usually start with positions for GIS interns that may be low-paying and part-time but are also the best way to get training and develop your GIS skills in a real-world setting. The next stage, after 2-3 years of experience with GIS-based software, is the position of GIS Analyst that allows you to perform more complex analyses and RDBMS. Then come positions for GIS Coordinator or Manager that require at least 5-6 years in the field along with technical responsibilities, budgetary and project management experience.

Are You Looking For A Career In GIS?

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