GIS Technician Jobs: How to Get Started

Geographic information systems (GIS) are used to gather, manage, and analyze data to make maps that help people communicate, share information, and solve complex problems. GIS technicians comprise the entry-level component of the GIS employment ladder. By utilizing cartography and digital manipulation and analysis, GIS technicians can generate specific data to be used in the design, management, and planning phases of large-scale construction projects. They are responsible for creating a digital record of the data that has been collected by inputting and updating projects by using GIS software, like ArcGIS or QGIS.

Training & Certification

It has become common practice to see GIS technicians starting their career by first earning a bachelor’s degree in geography, computer sciences, or engineering. Throughout their college career, GIS technicians will have studied a range of topics such as geosystems and computer architecture. There are also a host of certification courses that provide the necessary training to become a GIS technician, like the Geographic Information Systems Professional Certification (GISP) and Esri Technical Certification.

Skills Needed to Succeed as a GIS Technician

Since GIS technicians act as database administrators whose job is to update data, it’s important to possess certain skills that are imperative to success in this field. These skills include precise attention to detail, critical thinking, the ability to analyze spatial data, and project management skills. Technical skills require a basic understanding of programming including ASP.NET, MVC, ArcGIS, Oracle databases, and SQL.

There’s Always Room for Growth

The national average salary for a GIS Technician job is just over $50,000 and the need for GIS technicians is steadily rising. As industries grow they require a further need for geospatial mapping and data collection, making it a stable entry-level career. Many workers who begin their careers as GIS technicians quickly excel and work their way up through the ranks, later becoming GIS Specialists, GIS Analysts, and GIS Managers.

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