Civil Engineering Recruitment Specialists Describe How to Get More Job Offers

The world has more need for engineers and other geospatial specialists than ever before, but that doesn’t mean getting a job as an engineer is easy.  Civil engineering recruitment firms see plenty of people who have the skills and the talent but find they just can’t quite manage to seal the deal when applying for jobs.

Based on our years of experience in civil engineering recruitment and extensive industry contacts, we can offer some tips on how to land those job offers you want.   

Four Specialists’ Tips on Landing the Engineering Jobs You Want 

1 – Find good fits
As tempting as it is to take a “shotgun” approach to job applications, such an approach rarely yields improved results.  Take your time, do plenty of research, and look for positions where you honestly believe you will be a good fit.  If you find yourself thinking you’ll have to bluff your way through your resume, or interviews, you should probably keep looking for a better match.

2 – Keep researching your key prospects
If you want to impress a recruiter or hiring agent, few things will do it better than demonstrating genuine knowledge about their company and its needs.  Review their website.  Look them up on LinkedIn and other social outlets.  Search for articles written about the company.  See if they’re attached to papers in professional journals.

Then, when you walk into the interview, you won’t be asking “What can I do for you?”  You’ll be declaring “Here’s what I will do for you.”

3 – Make friends on the inside
To really push your chances of a job offer over the edge, you want a person on the inside promoting you from within.  If that means taking some time cultivating contacts via social media or real-world social circles, do it!  Internal referrals are an incredibly powerful driver of job offers.  If someone on the inside says, “Yes, this person is the right hire,” you’ll probably get the job.

4 – Really prepare for the interview
Don’t walk in cold.  Practice!  Have a friend play the role of the recruiter and throw questions at you.  Few people can truly “wing” an interview and pull it off.  They’re putting in plenty of work, even if they won’t admit it.