Civil Engineering Job Hopping – Good Or Bad Idea

As a Civil Engineer job recruiter, we have seen that many candidates try to find greener pastures by job hopping with multiple companies. Having a track record of constant job changes in the civil design profession can often be discredited. Some selective industries may be considered acceptable, but not within the civil engineering profession. There are plenty of legitimate reasons people change companies, but if you are one who is constantly searching for a better opportunity, you might press pause and reconsider your decision. Here is why:

Considering Job Changes As A Civil Engineer

  1. Civil Engineering companies invest a lot of time and money in training, skill development, and payroll and benefits. When they see a resume with multiple and frequent job changes, that might raise red flags and they’ll ask themselves “why should we invest the time and money for this prospect when there’s a high probability of them leaving in 2-3 years?”
  2. Civil Engineering is a highly trained professional and having strong technical skills should help build trust and quality relationships within companies in the industry. If a civil engineering company has a habit of hiring employees with unstable job histories, their clients may become frustrated and unsatisfied with the performance. It is up to the engineer to establish a rapport with the contractors, so when the contractors start seeing changes in project managers or assigned engineers for specific projects, problems arise and they may consider looking for other consulting companies that provide a more dependable and stable team.
  3. Civil engineering companies are always trying to grow. They want to hire quality employees for the long haul and know that their employees will be a part of the growth. To help ensure the longevity of their employees, companies should provide growth and income opportunities. If you decide to change companies every few years, your job hopping may make it more difficult for you to get rehired in the future.

It is important to make strategic moves over the course of your career. These career moves allow for personal growth, advancement opportunities, demographic changes, a change in pace, etc. If change is what you need, it is advisable to start with your current employer. Don’t depend on your employer for your change. Make things happen. Work hard, be innovative, and communicate with your boss. When you have done what you feel necessary and have exhausted your resources, then you should consider a change. Now is the time to start working with a recruiter. See why working with a civil engineering recruiter is good idea.