Are You Valued at Your Current Company?

When you go to work each day, do you feel that your efforts are being used in a productive and valuable way? When you bring a new idea to the table, are you being heard or ignored?

An advantage of working in the GIS field is that we are able to directly work toward change in all facets of life. GIS is virtually associated in every industry ranging from government to retailers to healthcare. We have the opportunity to showcase progressive and innovative ideas. Having the ability to initiate such change can be what drives you toward finding a meaningful company to work for.

One of our clients has recently been recognized in the media as a company that shares these ideologies. Abby Wolfe, a reporting and evaluation manager at an employee wellness company in Washington, DC., wrote the following excerpt about Esri:

Esri is the market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software development. Its technology shows people how to use geography and technology to design more efficient cities, deliver clean water and electricity, fight crime, slow climate change, and stamp out the disease. In other words, the people at Esri are showing people how to make the world better in as many ways as possible.

Employees are motivated by the company’s lofty ambitions to shape the planet, as well as the laid-back and relaxed work environment. Esri encourages collaboration among its different teams and takes pride in providing service, and the overall atmosphere at the company campus feels impassioned and community-oriented.

We at GeoSearch value and enjoy working with companies such as Esri who aspire to be a pioneer and leader for the geospatial industry. If you are a job seeker looking to find your dream job or are a company seeking the perfect candidate, GeoSearch can point you in the right direction. Contact us here to speak with us today.

Reference: 14 Places to Work if You Want Your Job to Have Meaning