Senior Natural Resource GIS Analyst Programmer

Location : USA
Job Type : Full Time
Category : GIS

GeoSearch is actively seeking a Senior Natural Resource GIS Analyst Programmer to work for our client’s federal client in Vallejo, CA. Telework is considered for well-qualified candidates. This agency’s mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation’s forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations.

The Senior Natural Resource GIS Analyst Programmer will support geographic data collection, editing, analysis, modeling, programming, portrayal, and documentation services as they pertain to the mission of vegetation management, land management planning, mapping and resource inventory. This involves working closely with a multi- disciplinary team of scientists, including ecologists and foresters, and requires personnel to have good verbal and written communication skills to convey scientific results to agency staff, and research scientists.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Forestry, Ecology, Wildlife Biology, Soils, Geology, Hydrology, Geography or related degree. Master’s degree is highly desired.
  • 10 years of intensive and progressive experience requiring extensive use of GIS and Remote Sensing related tools.
  • Expert knowledge of and demonstrated skills using the following software: ESRI GIS products including ArcGIS desktop, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online (AGOL) and associated extensions. ArcGIS Server, Collector, Navigator and Explorer for ArcGIS, PL/SQL Developer, and Microsoft Access databases including numerous other related programs running on a client’s Intra/Extranet servers.


The coordination of geographic information systems (GIS) projects, building and maintaining a GIS system, and the building and maintaining of a corporate-wide Intranet site to disseminate geospatial maps and other GIS data. This may include spatial modeling/analysis, slope, volume, area, and hill shade/viewshed analysis, raster rectification, 3D animations and surface modeling, image analysis, cartography, demographic modeling, linear referencing and dynamic segmentation, route analysis, and creation of FGDC compliant metadata. Provide ad-hoc training, documentation review and prepare video training modules.

Additional responsibilities may include providing any combination of GIS, GPS/Mobile services to create original mapping, format conversion, infrastructure analysis and facilities management services, database management and report preparation for various customers. Projects require a multitude of applications for a variety of disciplines including, forestry, wildlife, fire, pest management, inventory and modeling, land cover land use analysis, hydrographic and hydrologic profiling, digital orthophoto imagery preparation, planimetric mapping services, demographics, and associated training.


  • Interface with government agency technical and Program Managers to better understand end user needs, requirements and objectives, optimize workflows, research and keep abreast of all available and applicable data, technology and standards for GIS output, as well as, integrating internal and external resources (staff, hardware/software, support services) necessary to meet project objectives/deliverables.
  • Provide requested data to end users via a database “front end”, Internet GIS or other end user interface for GIS applications. 
  • Use existing queries from team members to create projects and print maps and reports. 
  • Perform a vast array of spatial and tabular queries using the available tools in GIS software, including integration with relational databases. Import and export any spatial and/or tabular data with GIS software. Identify, categorize, maintain, and update major GIS feature classes.
  • Manipulate and edit geospatial data using GIS Mapping software within USDA Chief Information Office guidelines. Creating or enhancing existing code using advanced scripting languages such as ModelBuilder, SQL, VB.Net, C++, C#, Java to automate GIS tasks and provide custom tools for the region. 
  • Convert legacy routines to run on the latest GIS and relational database system. 
  • Coordinate with the Database Administrator and National Application team lead to integrate collected data (tabular, spatial, and otherwise) into a comprehensive database. Helps coordinate field data collection, hardware/software (GPS, field computers, etc.) and the data flow processes involved.
  • Produce complex products from source materials in compliance with established customer requirements such as Dashboards, Story Maps, interactive GIS products, data-connected applications with a GIS component, cartographic products, mobile applications (typically smart phone and tablets), and others as requested using government provided software such as Tableau, ESRI products, Python, R, R Studio, Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications and tools such as Excel, PowerBI, Access, PowerAutomate, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Forms.
  • Provide support in the areas of collecting and analyzing complex data from existing and new sources, transferring and/or mediating data between disparate systems where schemas and frameworks may or may not be compatible. Examples include data transfer using government provided tools such as Feature Manipulation Engine (FME). Establishing new frameworks, tools, predictive models, machine learning algorithms, automation scripts, forms, or other appropriate mechanisms to ensure the flow of information throughout the agency and external partners.
  • Conduct analysis for the purposes of displaying complex information using spatial data, structured/unstructured data, or a mash-up containing multiple data and media sources such as video and graphics. 
  • Perform reviews for information currency and accuracy, contextualizes GIS data and parameters for use in the creation of geospatial models, maps, and other tools.
  • Develop reports and presentations related to the findings of their work at an audience appropriate level using standard Microsoft Office Suite tools.

Salary: 85-125k/year.

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